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LW-Leather Half Sole Shoe

LW-Leather Half Sole Shoe

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Spin and pirouette with all the control and poise of a pro dancer in the Silky Dance leather half-sole dance shoe.

With a durable suede sole the sturdy soft stretch leather hugs the forefoot while the open heel provides much-needed breathability. These contemporary dance shoes have double elastic straps with additional silicone backing for a secure fit around the sides and under the arch of the foot to keep you stable whilst dancing and turning.

Available in a natural skin tone colour, the half-sole dance shoe provides full freedom of movement perfect for, ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary dance, whilst offering optimal support to the heel and the best foot protection for all levels of dancer.

  • Available in child and ladies sizes
  • Premium Quality leather
  • Suede sole
  • Flat pleats
  • Double elastic strapping for a secure fit
  • Silicon backing on elastic straps to prevent slipping while being worn
  • Comfortable and durable, the perfect shoes for jazz, modern, ballet, contemporary and rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Medium width
  • Natural colour
LW-Leather Half Sole Shoe

LW-Leather Half Sole Shoe